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Greek food has been an essential part of Pittsburgh cuisine for some years, and we have ensured that it stays the same. Our restaurant is located at the ideal location in Pittsburgh, just on Clairton Boulevard. We are an informal and casual restaurant operating in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA, and we provide our restaurant services across Pleasant Hills, Pittsburgh, PA. However, our restaurant just allows eat-in and takeaway services, and we do not offer any delivery services. We believe that the Greek cuisine is best served fresh, and for that, you would need to come over to our restaurant, located in the heart of Pittsburgh. So, if you are ever looking to find a Greek restaurant near me, you should wait no more, and come over to the ideally located Gali’s Gyro.

Our Gyro is one of the most famous dishes in the whole of Pittsburgh, and all the spices and special ingredients we use add to its flavor. When selecting the best Gyro Pittsburgh, people would always choose our restaurant due to our outstanding experience and how we have changed the Greek cuisine in the Pleasant Hills area. We are committed professionals, hoping to make your dining experience better by giving you the ultimate taste experience. Gali’s Gyro Pittsburgh ideal location allows the families in Pittsburgh to easily access the site, and we also provide our catering service conveniently throughout the city. At such a prime location in the town, you can reach our location in no time, and we will ensure that the food we PROVIDE is fresh and hot to eat. We have experience of over 15 years, and our owners are dedicated to bringing authentic Greek taste to Pittsburgh. There is a reason why many of our products are directly imported from Greece to ensure original taste and quality and that is the reason why we only use Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which is great for the taste of our food and good for your heart.

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Gyro might be the favorite dish of so many Americans. However, it is not easy to find the tastiest Gyro in Pittsburgh. Therefore, people are often looking for the best greek restaurant near me, and seeing it might be tricky if you have not yet tasted the authentic Greek Gyro from Gali’s Gyro and Grill. We are located at an ideal location of Pleasant Hills, which is just 15 minutes from Downtown Pittsburgh. For years, we have been serving the people of Pittsburgh, and our staff loves making your eating experience wonderful. Our Greek sandwiches are also a specialty of ours and are available at this branch, just come down to our restaurant and order them. With a great variety of meats, sauces, and toppings, you can go on and create your ideal sandwich for yourself. When it comes to the original Greek Gyro Pittsburgh people trust our brand the most, and over the years, we have cemented our place in the hearts of the Pleasant Hills public. With our quality taste and focus on the restaurant’s overall hygiene and cleanliness, we try to make our restaurant a great place to hang out and enjoy your lunch or dinner. Our owners believe in honesty, and they have been training chefs to maintain the taste and the quality of the cuisine they introduced. Since they have opened the Gali’s Gyro, there is no doubt that the popularity has been increasing every day, and even when you go and ask someone where to get a gyro, the most common answer would be to try the Gali’s Gyro and Grill on Clairton Boulevard.

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