Gali's Gyro and Grill is the Best Gyro in Pittsburgh

Gali’s Gyro and Grill

Have you ever craved Greek food and wondered where you would find the best Mediterranean food? Well, if you are a person living in Pittsburgh, we have you covered. Gali’s Gyro and Grill, located in Pleasant Hills, PA, just fifteen minutes from Downtown Pittsburgh, is ideal for the best Greek food. We have years of experience in providing the residents of PA, the most delicious Greek cuisine, and with our experience and love, we have cemented our name as the best Gyro restaurant in Pittsburgh.

As a greek restaurant, our owners – Dimitri and Ellie – are Greek natives and brought Greek cuisine to the USA in 1999 by themselves. For years, we have been using the original and authentic Greek-style cooking that is loved by you all. Amongst the many dishes we serve, the Gyro has been a fan favorite, and our specialty and thus the demand for it is great.

The authentic Gyro, served with pita bread, side of salad, cucumber sauce (also known as tzatziki), gives a unique taste to our customers. We have eat-in services available, alongside with take out, which means you can choose whatever you feel convenient with. We bring you the original Greek street food in a great, friendly environment, making sure you experience the authentic Greek feel. You can come in with your family and friends and have a quality time inside while enjoying the best Gyro Pittsburgh has.

The Original Greek Galis Gyro

greek restaurant pittsburgh paIf you are looking for the best Greek grilled food in Pittsburgh, you have to look no further than Gali’s Gyro And Grill. With years of experience in cooking Greek food, the owners have also passed down the recipes and techniques to the kitchen staff, and together they come up with the authentic Greek menu you crave. Not only Gyro, but we make sure to solve your appetite with a great variety of items that includes special Greek Platters, unique salads, and tasty soups. We also have some great sandwiches and platters for the public, and if you are ever wondering to find the best gyro sandwich near me, you should contact us and head over to our restaurant for takeout or eat-in. Our staff have been trained and will treat you with great respect and will cater to you adequately. The people of Pleasant Hills, Pittsburgh, PA have been satisfied with our services, and the positive reviews we get from them are further proof of our quality. Gyro is our specialty, and we only use authentic meat and signature dressings to accompany our Gyro, making our sandwiches the best gyros in Pittsburgh. There might be many Greek cuisines in Pittsburgh, but the real traditional taste is tough to find. However, at Galis Gyro, we guarantee you the original Greek taste, which will take you back to our beautiful Mediterranean country. Alongside our taste, our hospitality stands out, which is another characteristic of the Greek culture, so visit us and allow our committed team to host you and your family over for a great dinner or lunch.

The most authentic Greek restaurant Pittsburgh PA has

When talking about Greek street food, everyone focuses on the world-famous Gyro; however, there is much more to the brilliant Greek cuisine. Our kitchen staff, trained by our owners, know the real essence of Greek spices and herbs, and they will prepare the best Greek meal for you. Finding authentic Greek restaurants in PA might be challenging for you, but we are here to ensure that you get to taste genuine Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. In our menu, we have the famous tzatziki, dolmades, as well as Spanakopita, with all of these dishes being Greek favorites and are served with delicacy and actual Extra Virgin Olive Oil imported directly from Greece. We also carry Eastern Mediterranean dishes like our Hummus and the Baba Ganoush which is more of an appetizer and is made with mashed eggplants and our various special seasonings. Both these items are served with a piece of pita bread.

Suppose you ever crave gyro meat near me, you must immediately come over to our restaurant, as we are here to end your appetite by providing you various gyro meat dishes with pita bread or other options, which include fries, meatballs, and sauces. The Hummus we serve is homemade from fresh authentic ingredients. Tzatziki is another famous Greek dish with a soup or a sauce that we serve alongside the main course item. All of these items ensure that we are the most authentic Greek restaurant Pittsburgh PA people love. Another item in our menu dedicated to vegetable lovers is our Spanakopita, the Greek Spinach Pie. This tasty-filled pastry contains cheese and a mouth-watering layer of spinach to satisfy your hunger and enrich your tastebuds. Explore our diverse menu for a variety of options and discover exciting careers with us in the vibrant culinary world.

Enjoy the ultimate Mediterranean restaurant Pittsburgh has

Consisting of stews, sandwiches, and some rich, spicy sauces, it would not be wrong to claim the Mediterranean food as one of the best in the world. Luckily, we do not only deal in Greek cuisine, but if you are ever wondering where you could find the best Mediterranean food near me, you should come over to our restaurant for dine-in or take-out. We are open from Tuesday to Saturday from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm (our kitchen closes at 7:30 pm). We are ideal for you to grab lunch, dinner, or some snacks on your way to work or home.

Being one of the best Gyro restaurant in PA, we focus on our taste, and a considerable amount of our time and money is spent on cleanliness. We ensure that our kitchen, washrooms, and dining space are well cleaned and follow complete hygiene. We know the importance of cleanliness in eating places. Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, we have strict policies and have made masks mandatory for anyone coming on and our staff. Our kitchen staff follows regular hygiene standards, and all of our products are carefully handpicked to ensure an unforgettable dining experience. We try to use homegrown spices and of course Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, imported directly from Greece. Alongside being the most delicious, all of these factors make us the tastiest Mediterranean restaurant Pittsburgh locals have seen.

Chose from the best Greek restaurants near me

If you are out with your friends and family, choosing what to eat is difficult. Well, you must take a break from the regular stuff you eat and give Gali's Gyro a try. Authentic Greek flavors will enrich your meal, and you will never regret eating with us. The Greeks are known for their hospitality, and you will be witnessing the same in our restaurant. All of our staff is trained to take care of the guests, and no matter how busy our restaurant becomes, they will never fail to serve you and meet your demands.

Our specialty is gyro meat, and if you are ever looking for gyro meat near me, you must come over to us and enjoy the rich greek Gyro with your favorite sides. We also have amazing appetizers and entrées that are prepared with great care and love. Our menu is for everyone, and we have everything for everybody, even a great dessert section. We also take care of the kids and have a special kids menu that will surely cheer them up. At Gali’s, we have all types of meats for you, including lamb, chicken, and pork. We provide top-notch service, and our efficient kitchen staff makes sure that you do not have to wait much for your order, either if you are eating in or just picking up your food. Seeing the flavors and hospitality, you should try to give us a visit whenever you are looking for restaurants near me.


Try the most delicious Mediterranean Grill Pittsburgh has

Choosing our restaurant for our Greek cuisine will be the best decision you make, with various options straight from the grill, we ensure you get the true Greek feeling while enjoying your food. Mediterranean food has been talked about in the world due to its famous health benefits. We also have a variety of grill options, including lamb chops and steaks. There are times when you want to try out the best Mediterranean food near me, and for those occasions, Gali’s Gyro is the best and safest option. We also have an outstanding catering service available that is suitable for large functions and events. You just need to book our services 2-3 days before the function day, and our kitchen staff will ensure to cook the most delicious food for you. We handle all types of functions, including birthdays, bridal showers, and weddings, etc. Alongside warm and fresh food, we also include napkins, utensils, and cutlery for the event. You can choose the salads you want for the function from our detailed list, and we can even arrange a custom Pita Bar for you where you can select your favorite meat, toppings, sauces, and bread to make your Gyro and sandwiches. So, pick up your phone and contact us to get the best Mediterranean Grill Pittsburgh has for your event.


The best gyros near me

gyro restaurantOur gyro platter is one of the most famous dishes in our cuisine and is a customer’s top pick. If you are looking for the freshest and most delicious gyro sandwich near me, then you should contact us or come over to eat. The areas we serve include Pittsburgh, PA, and its suburbs. So, if you ever want to taste some of the best gyros in Pittsburgh, feel free to come over, and we will be happy to serve you. We are known all of Pittsburgh for our hospitality and do not leave any stone unturned. Gyro is the most special and talked about dish in the world concerning Mediterranean cuisine, and we ensure that you get one of the best Gyro in Pittsburgh and the whole of the USA. Our owners are Greek-born and know the authentic flavors of Greek food.

Fortunately, you can also get coupons from which you can get great discounts on our entire menu and some special deals, including the beautiful kid deals. In our business, customers are our number one priority, and we work hard each day to make sure you get the best out of us. Our prices are very reasonable, and despite the price hikes, we have kept them low so you can come over and enjoy your favorite gyros near me with your friends and family. We are closed on Sunday and Monday, but you can give us a visit on any other day of the week. So come over, be our guests, and indulge in the authentic Greek flavors and spices in the heart of Pittsburgh.


Bobbie Keefer
Bobbie Keefer
If I could rate this higher I would. It's a solid 10! Food is always amazing !
Jenny Taylor
Jenny Taylor
The best!!!
Jeremiah “Elstifar” Rose
Jeremiah “Elstifar” Rose
First time being here, ever, was able to get what I was looking for, authentic Greek food. Keep it up folks y’all are AWESOME!
Eric Randolph
Eric Randolph
Gali's has the BEST gyros around. I used to go to Mike and Tony's, which I love too, but Gali's is just as good and close to home. Great comfort food.
Seamus Carmichael
Seamus Carmichael
Lovely Greek food served by friendly wait staff. Spanikopita was perfect, gyro was delicious. It's an unpretentious, comfortable restaurant and has years of best ethnic food awards from Pittsburgh's diners
Megan K
Megan K
Galis always has amazing food and lots of it!
Pattilynn Yimin
Pattilynn Yimin
Great Gyros!