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We are a family-owned restaurant and have been operational in Pittsburgh, PA, for 15 years. We provide complete Greek cuisine, and as a well-performing restaurant, we are always looking for long-term waitstaff or cooks. To apply, you will see the online application form available on our website, and you can fill it in and submit it alongside your resume. At Gali’s Gyro and Grill, we have strict requirements for hiring as we look for experience. We try to give our customers the best services possible, and for that, we would need the help of our wait staff more than anyone. We are currently looking for qualified and experienced staff, come join our team!
On top of that, the restaurant management will issue masks and protective equipment amidst the coronavirus pandemic. We are also looking for people in the kitchen, we would love to hire someone with prior experience in a Greek restaurant. We have our recipes, and we will teach how to put our spin on timeless Greek favorites. We are open from Tuesday to Saturday and would need you to come daily, or depending on your schedule. To apply, you can see the gyros application form available on our website or come in person to meet us and apply. Once you have filled it out, you can send it over to us online or come over physically. Our owners will later get in touch with you to discuss your status. Gali’s Gyro is a family-owned business, located in Pleasant Hills, PA, just fifteen minutes from Downtown Pittsburgh. We treat our employees like family. We also have seats open for dishwashers, and cleaners and if you think you are eligible for the job, just apply, and we will see the rest of the procedure. For more queries about us, you can contact us at the given number on our website.

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