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What is Gali’s Gyro and Grill, Clairton Boulevard, Pittsburgh, PA?

We are the proud presenters of Greek food, which is considered one of the most delicious cuisines in the world. With our years of experience in the restaurant business, we are dedicated to bringing the best to our lovely customers, and together with your support and love, we tend to grow every day. We are a family-owned business, and the owners of Gali’s, Dimitris and Ellie Georgalis, were born and raised in Crete, Greece. Crete is the center of the beautiful Greek cuisine and is said to be where the various ingredients and tasty recipes came from. Crete is the epicenter of the Mediterranean diet and is well known for its amazing beaches and food.
However, the most talked-about thing about Crete is its exceptional hospitality, which is well evident from our restaurant. Our owners love to take care of our customers, and our motto is honesty and integrity. We do not compromise in any department, and especially when it comes to food, we offer authentic and original Greek dishes. This makes us one of the best Greek restaurants Pittsburgh people have seen. At our restaurant, we have plenty of options in our menu that will satisfy your Greek craving.

Our restaurant is operational from Tuesday to Saturday, opening at 11 am and closing at 8 pm. The ideal location of Gali’s Gyro and Grill, Clairton Boulevard, Pittsburgh, PA, makes it easily accessible and is a perfect location for families to eat in as well. We also have a takeout facility installed in our restaurant, and you can also get several discounts on your meal through our coupons. The coupons, though, are only valid for takeout.

The Best Gyro Pittsburgh Owners

We are one of the most authentic Mediterranean restaurants in Pittsburgh

Our lovely owners are not just Greek, but they have a long history behind them involving Greek food. Dimitris has been a pastry chef since his early 20s and has been making delicious treats for years. Together with his wife Ellie, and siblings, he opened three pastry shops in the city of Rethymno, Crete back in Greece.

The shops were quite successful, but in 1999 they decided to move to America with their son and daughter. Upon arriving, the family  moved to Pittsburgh, PA, and Dimitris started working as a chef at a Greek pastry shop. After working at the Pastry shop for five years, the Georgalis family decided to open their own Greek restaurant. Seeing the right time and opportunity, they opened up Galis Gyro and Grill.

They wanted to share the experience of the beautiful Greek cuisine with the people of Pittsburgh, and the people have loved the idea since. We have received enormous affection from the people, and they have loved our authentic Greek spices, sauces, and flavors. Being one of the best Mediterranean restaurants in Pittsburgh, we have served numerous people repeatedly, and the positive reviews they leave us further speak about our excellence. Our owners have also trained various chefs, and together our whole staff unites to bring you the authentic Greek taste. Our taste is unique, and our hospitality is unmatched. Whenever you are asking the question “Where to get a gyro,” Inevitably, the answer is Gali’s Gyro and Grill, the only authentic Greek cuisine in Pittsburgh.

The Best Gyro Pittsburgh Owners

The ultimate experience of Galis Gyro

At Gali’s Gyro and Grill, we have a great variety of options on our menu, from the ever famous Gyro to other Greek dishes like Hummus, Baba Ganoush, and Baked Ziti. Our Greek dishes are one of the best Pittsburgh cuisine, and you can come to enjoy the meals with your family, friends and even call us for events. We also provide complete catering service in the whole of Pittsburgh and serve up to 30 people with our gyro kit and various other dishes, which are served in trays. To avail of our catering services, you just need to contact us three days before your event, and we will ensure the food delivery is made within the deadline. We are cautious when it comes to meeting deadlines and value the time of our customers. Therefore you would not have any bad experiences after you choose us. Our catering services are preferred for office lunches, family get-togethers, and other minor parties. Although all our dishes are exceptional and made with great care and love, our Gyro stands out as the people’s favorite. If you are ever wondering where to get a gyro, you must immediately come over to us, as we are known throughout Pittsburgh for our authentic Greek Gyro.

The specialty of Greek Pittsburgh cuisine

Our menu contains a lot of soups, salads, and a special kids’ menu as well. We understand the needs of our customers and have created a restaurant which has a great ambiance and a lovely environment. You can come in with your friends and family and enjoy a beautiful afternoon with our delicious food. Our Gyro comes in various meat types, and you can select any one of lamb, chicken, and pork for yourself. Our famous salads are topped with our unique sauces that are fresh and homemade. You would be ecstatic to know that most of our products are directly imported from Greece to maintain the authentic Mediterranean taste ensuring top quality. At our restaurant, we also ensure cleanliness, and amidst the coronavirus pandemic, we have made the use of face masks mandatory. Our restaurant has been sanitized and cleaned each day properly. Our staff is amiable and is always looking forward to welcoming you to one of the best Greek restaurants Pittsburgh has.

The Best Gyro Pittsburgh Owners